What a fabulous night we had at Heart Centre last Saturday. Thanks for the opportunity to utilise such a beautiful space as our venue.

Jacky, Gold Coast

For me The Living Soul retreat was the most valuable and rewarding experience I have given myself. The connection I now have with my soul and inner child on a more conscious level guides and sustains me.

Kendra, New Zealand

Towards the Light has given me the opportunity to strengthen my connection with my Soul. I am deeply grateful for Marie and Hermann's generosity of spirit and their dedication to raising the consciousness of all humanity.

Natalie, Brisbane.

Through the teaching tools and systems provided in a safe nurturing environment during The Living Soul and Towards the Light I discovered that the greatest teacher of all is me. In less than 2 weeks I have experienced a lifetime of growth. These classes provided love, compassion and patience as the old structures of my belief systems were rewired and encouraged to redirect new thought paths and outlooks. I now live my life more fully, respect my body for what it does, and listen to my spirit, and as I do I become the example of inner and outer contentment. I recommend this opportunity to anyone who is seeking answers to the mystery of their life and to discover the answers have always been within themselves.


Cynthia, Canada

When I attended The Living Soul for the first time, I felt it brought the responsibility of my life back home to me. Then I decided to review the course. I realised I had only worked through the top layers the first time, and now I was deep inside. I am now learning to truly honour who 'I am' and use this different skills to go forward in my life.

Kaye, NSW


Well life in Melbourne hasn't changed - but I can say that I have. My experience was exceptional and one that I will cherish.

Belinda, Melbourne

October 2013

Paul and I are full of wonder about this most sacred holiday - the 8 day renewal - absolutely amazing. Arriving at your sanctuary was medicine for our Souls - perfectly timed and thoroughly appreciated. Thank you.

The hands-on treatments were therapeutic and with the 'uncomfortable-ness' comes more light - an opening to refill with joy and gratitude. Of course the nourishment ... ah, the nourishment of the body as well as mind and soul. Thank you both for all that you do on oh, so many levels.

With much love and gratitude. It has been an honour.

Robin & Paul, Canada

October 2013

Towards the Light was a journey towards my Soul’s purpose in service of the higher consciousness. It was a further awakening and understanding of how my life’s Soul fits into the greater picture and how important living a life in body-mind balance is.

I feel I am now walking the journey that I am meant to. I am walking towards the light, growing in balance and harmony with my body and mind in purposeful service of my Soul for the greater world consciousness. Thank you Marie and Hermann for welcoming me into the Light.

Lou Lou, Canada

I am pleased to say that I have experienced tremendous growth spiritually, emotionally and physically after attending The Living Soul and Towards the Light.

Prior to taking these courses, I had little desire to do much more than just work. I now find myself looking at the world, and myself as well, in a completely different way. Purpose and desire are now a part of my vocabulary and I am loving my life.

Many blessings to Marie and Hermann for assisting me in finding my way back to my body, mind and soul.


If you really want your life to be more enlightened and exciting, give yourself the gift of this retreat. Love yourself enough to do it!

Elaine, New Zealand