The Art of Reading FacesThe Art of Reading Faces - Hermann Muller


The Art of Reading Faces - a Live Presentation - by Hermann Muller

4 DVD set & booklet

A complete workshop on ‘The Art of Reading Faces’ that will assist you to further understand yourself and others.

Discover how fascinating we are through this systematic, factual and commonsense approach.

The science of face reading is a study of the personality and the potential characteristics that are unique to each individual.These are seldom recognized as we tend to be judges by others’ expectations.

The Art of Face Reading gives you an edge for all areas in your workplace. Human resources; public relations personnel; salespeople; interviewing; team building; negotiating; theatre and talent scouts; effective management; staff interaction; business and personal relationships.

Dynamic and articulate, Hermann Muller is an international presenter, author and trainer.

His Australasian Institute of Body Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy offers   registered courses to train therapists to the level of a Diploma in Teaching Psychosomatic Therapy.

He also offers training to corporate clients in Personality Profiling and Body Language.

Purchase this DVD set for an ‘eye-opening’ experience. See your friends and family as if for the first time and change the way you observe and communicate in relationships, at home and at work.

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