A collision of interior v’s exterior power bases.

If your interior world is feeling conflicted of late, you are not alone. While the outside world plays a game of reason, material constructs and the seeming power over basic survival needs – the interior world is quietly beckoning you to trust & be open. The first, rocks our senses, the second, brings reassurance, certainty and peace.

Practice what you believe in your heart of hearts and let go of the idea of what objects and obstacles the stories that the mind present.

You are up for this creative moment in time. Buddha teaches the wisdom of impermanence. Nothing lasts ‘Anitya’, in time this too shall pass.

Conflict arises from 2 compasses directly us. One to the outer world which appears so real and one to the inner world where true guidance is found.

Be a leader this August, choose whether you are just managing your existence or able to access your greater Soul Self it’s up to you. Make some time daily to restore your energy field with quiet time in nature at the beach, in the forest, park or garden.

Let go of the stories of what has happened before. Be present – call your spirit, call of you 100% to be in the moment, right here right now, embrace Leo’s leadership qualities and lead your mind rather then be led by it. Align yourself with your soul and be still with expectancy in your sacred space within. Tap into your greater capacity. Make contact with your soul, and activation at a cellular level follows.

LEO-Quinta da Regaleira

"Leo the Lion!!I fell in love with this guy when I met him in an enchanted garden in Portugal as I just love love love lions! Leo is the King as his ruler is the SUN...the source of light and love. As the Sun & Moon come together on this New Moon in Leo they are joined by fabulous Jupiter for a rare blast of fresh solar power into our lives.  As global tensions reach new highs the question becomes...do you choose LOVE or FEAR?"

- Maggie Kerr - http://www.universalastrology.com.au/

Relax your Body Mind & Soul with Herbal Ball Massage now offered at Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre


Herbal ball massage is a traditional gentle therapeutic technique. Natural warm cotton compress balls that are filled with herbs and essential oils are carefully hand blended and made into balls that provide amazing healing benefits. Herbal balls can be used in many ways to gain the desired effect and response on the body.

Pinda massage

Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre provides you with an effectual Herbal ball massage to cleanse your soul and bring back the beautiful feeling within your body. This method indulges your senses completely through warmth, smell and therapeutic touch utilising the herbal balls together with the massage strokes. Our herbal and essential oil has stimulating, relaxing, slimming, exfoliating, and detoxification benefits. Its bolus shape, properties, ingredients, aroma and temperature create a deeply relaxing treatment which softens tense muscles, reducing inflammation and improving circulation, bringing a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the skin and muscles.

Usually these herbal balls originally where heated in a special pot under a fire of coconut husks below, along with a vessel for the compress and water above. The compress herbal balls must be saturated first but not entirely sunk, and plenty of time must be given for the heat to enter the herbs. Our herbal balls massages are outstanding for your head and neck as well as the shoulders and can be applied beneath your neck, on the cranial sutures and the face and eyes.

To experience herbal ball massage from Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre, contact us on 07 5578 3811 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Recipe for Grace and Miracles



*  Surrender control and master command

*  Be joyful

*  Be playful in what we ask for - like a child

*  Let go of any attachment to the outcome

*  Totally trust that it will happen

*  Grace is with us at all times

*  Let go, bring joy in and laugh a lot!


Get out of fear

Remember when we focus on what we want, we are usually vibrating the fear of what is opposite to that, and that fear IS the greater force of our outcome!!!

Confusion is perfect. We are learning more because our right brain is having a chance to absorb while our left brain is confused…….

Release control


A Spiritual Retreat for your Mind, Body and Soul!

A Spiritual Retreat for your Mind, Body and Soul!

Living Soul Rooms


Are you planning a weeklong vacation and want something different, something more than just pretty photographs and fleeting memories? How about a soulful journey that eases your mind and has lasting benefits?

If you have the desire for ‘a more meaningful retreat experience’, book a place for our weeklong residential retreat called ‘The Living Soul’ held during 30 Oct - 6 Nov 2014. Through this spiritual retreat, you will reap profound benefits for your mind, body and Soul. This 8-day residential is like a full-immersion course, where you can develop and deepen your capacity to find tranquility of mind and self-awareness. These skills, on regular practice, can affect every aspect of your life.

The goal of the Living Soul retreat is to help you get to the point where your meditation, Chakra function, Yantras and Mantras, Yoga, Fasting, are the actual retreat, and you withdraw from external pressures until the physical self is balanced. With us, you will learn to keep your mind at peace and more easily focused. As it is only then that we can experience true happiness.

During your time at the retreat, you can experience the science of Ancient Wisdom and Energy flow. We also organize individual bodywork or private sessions for clearing issues and enhancing your serenity. We make sure that you have the most fulfilling experience to reconnect with your authentic self.

The Living Soul is excellent for self love and reflection on your life. If you wish to pamper your self and be a part of this powerful transformational event, contact our healing centre directly on +61 7 5578 3811.

You can read more about The Living Soul Retreat here.


Healing Head Massage

Why Go For Head Massage?

Head Massage at Harmony

Stress and over stimulation of mental activity fatigues our mind. Head Massage is the best remedial Massage for your body especially you are busy and your mind races. It is highly recommended to go for head massages at regular intervals in order to be psychologically fit. What does it cover? Therapeutic massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Head massages are great remedial massage since it completely releases you from stress and tension relaxing your whole body. Moreover, head massages release emotions and feelings that you didn’t even realize that you stored in the back of your mind.

 Opt for a head massage service at Harmony, Gold Coast, and experience the following benefits-

• Relieves headaches, neck and back pain as well as frees you from stress and tension.
• Increases mobility of joints while also improving blood circulation. Enhanced blood circulation boosts energy levels, which in turn develops concentration power.
• Gives you a sense of overall well- being and tranquillity, our head massage services are essential on regular basis for maintaining your therapeutic benefits.
• Promotes and stimulates lymphatic drainage, resulting in alleviated immune system and detoxifications of toxins.
• Helps you to recognize trigger points so as to deal with negative situations in the present in a much better way. Through head massage you let go of mounted up emotions from the past.

 Our head massage at Harmony service is designed in such a way that it reaches all the body’s energy centres where tension accumulates, including the top of the head, base of the skull, neck and shoulders, jaw, forehead and temples.

At Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre, you can avail our comprehensive offerings at affordable prices. Out of which, our head massage proves to be quite effective and rejuvenating. One of best and most popular head massages in Gold Coast, Australia is offered by Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre.