Relax your Body Mind & Soul with Herbal Ball Massage now offered at Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre


Herbal ball massage is a traditional gentle therapeutic technique. Natural warm cotton compress balls that are filled with herbs and essential oils are carefully hand blended and made into balls that provide amazing healing benefits. Herbal balls can be used in many ways to gain the desired effect and response on the body.

Pinda massage

Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre provides you with an effectual Herbal ball massage to cleanse your soul and bring back the beautiful feeling within your body. This method indulges your senses completely through warmth, smell and therapeutic touch utilising the herbal balls together with the massage strokes. Our herbal and essential oil has stimulating, relaxing, slimming, exfoliating, and detoxification benefits. Its bolus shape, properties, ingredients, aroma and temperature create a deeply relaxing treatment which softens tense muscles, reducing inflammation and improving circulation, bringing a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the skin and muscles.

Usually these herbal balls originally where heated in a special pot under a fire of coconut husks below, along with a vessel for the compress and water above. The compress herbal balls must be saturated first but not entirely sunk, and plenty of time must be given for the heat to enter the herbs. Our herbal balls massages are outstanding for your head and neck as well as the shoulders and can be applied beneath your neck, on the cranial sutures and the face and eyes.

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