A collision of interior v’s exterior power bases.

If your interior world is feeling conflicted of late, you are not alone. While the outside world plays a game of reason, material constructs and the seeming power over basic survival needs – the interior world is quietly beckoning you to trust & be open. The first, rocks our senses, the second, brings reassurance, certainty and peace.

Practice what you believe in your heart of hearts and let go of the idea of what objects and obstacles the stories that the mind present.

You are up for this creative moment in time. Buddha teaches the wisdom of impermanence. Nothing lasts ‘Anitya’, in time this too shall pass.

Conflict arises from 2 compasses directly us. One to the outer world which appears so real and one to the inner world where true guidance is found.

Be a leader this August, choose whether you are just managing your existence or able to access your greater Soul Self it’s up to you. Make some time daily to restore your energy field with quiet time in nature at the beach, in the forest, park or garden.

Let go of the stories of what has happened before. Be present – call your spirit, call of you 100% to be in the moment, right here right now, embrace Leo’s leadership qualities and lead your mind rather then be led by it. Align yourself with your soul and be still with expectancy in your sacred space within. Tap into your greater capacity. Make contact with your soul, and activation at a cellular level follows.

LEO-Quinta da Regaleira

"Leo the Lion!!I fell in love with this guy when I met him in an enchanted garden in Portugal as I just love love love lions! Leo is the King as his ruler is the SUN...the source of light and love. As the Sun & Moon come together on this New Moon in Leo they are joined by fabulous Jupiter for a rare blast of fresh solar power into our lives.  As global tensions reach new highs the question becomes...do you choose LOVE or FEAR?"

- Maggie Kerr - http://www.universalastrology.com.au/