MassageThere is nothing quite like the nurturing of human touch when the practitioner is heart-centred and focussed on you. Massage is an excellent way to release tension, tightness and pain (in other words, blockages to the flow of energy) held in your muscle tissue. This treatment can also assist to clear cellular memory created by past mental and emotional attitudes which have created physical stress in the body.

Massage is also a wonderful tool for self-awareness, as well as for grounding and releasing the restrictions in the flow of chakra energies. On a purely physical level, massage therapy improves blood and lymph flow and so assists to remove accumulated metabolic wastes from the tissue.

Full Body Massage - Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Remedial

This massage is carefully designed to your individual need to help reduce stress and tension. Deep and relaxing this massage will touch your inner soul.

Session time: 1 hour

Signature Massage

Your treatment will commence with a warm cleansing scrub ritual for your feet and back. Followed by a warm oil, full body massage, and expience that will calm busy minds. This warm natural oil is easily absorbed to nourish the deepest layers of your skin.

Session time: 1 hour, or 1 and half hours

Heaven & Earth Massage

This blissful treatment starts with a foot massage ritual helping you feel more grounded, stimulating your reflex nerves which are linked to the whole of the body. The treatment then involves a head massage to relax you and allow tension to slip away, for a feeling of connection to another world.

Session time: 1 hour