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Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre

- Diploma in Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage
- Diploma in Teaching, Psychosomatic Therapy

-Diploma in Metaphysics
- Master Practitioner in Clinical Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  

During his lifetime, Hermann created 

- Nationally Accredited Psychosomatic Therapy training

- ‘Face to Face with Facts’, a definitive guide to the art of reading faces.

- ‘Guidance from The Masters’, for those seeking to know their Soul 

- The Time is Now’ 

- Inspirations for the Millenium CD, a meditation that helps unite you with your inner essence.

What we offer
The Centre offers weekly and full moon meditations, workshops, spiritual residentials, and one-on-one sessions with a range of personal treatments including psychosomatic therapy, hypnotherapy, remedial massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, face reading, naturopathy, hot rock massage, reiki, holistic counselling, spiritual healing and chakra balancing.

About the Centre
Established in 1989, the Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre is owned and run by Marie Müller. Extremely skilled at building a supportive and trusting environment, it's easy to feel safe and nurtured when there.

Signature events

Weekly meditation nights
Marie (along with Hermann, her late husband) have run regular Thursday evening meditations for the past 25 years. The evening begins at 7pm with an often lively, open-floor discussion before a meditation and healing. The evening concludes at 9pm. Investment $10.

Full Moon meditation nights
The Full Moon is a time when the energies of the Universe are more readily available to us, so great care is taken to hold the Full Moon meditations in the presence of this more intense energy. These evenings will sometimes occur on a Monday or a Thursday, but will always take place within 3 days of the peak of the full moon. Time 7pm-9pm. Investment $10, unless stated otherwise.


Harmony for Hire
Harmony Body and Mind is also available to other teachers and practitioners to rent the space for their own workshops and seminars.

Residential Retreats
The Living Soul 8-day residential retreat is a ‘powerful moving journey within’.

Towards the Light 9-day residential retreat is an advanced 9-day residential retreat to experience powerful transformation - for graduates of The Living Soul.


Offerings of experience
If you would like to take some of Hermann and Marie’s insights home with you, they have a range of books, CDs and DVDs which have been created over their combined 45 years of work in the spiritual field.

Marie Müller


Awakening to our Soul's Greatest Potential

An internationally-recognised teacher in integrative health and well-being, spiritual growth is the driving force behind Marie’s aspirations to be all she can be and to assist others on their journey also. By awakening to our Soul’s highest potential, she believes that this will feed our spirit, while learning to understand and enjoy our human experience.

A practitioner of Remedial, Deep Tissue massage and Psychosomatic Therapy for over 35 years, Marie is on an enriching journey of understanding. Through her experiences of sacredness and reconnection to Source, Marie has travelled to power centres and sacred sites around the globe. She is known as an intuitive spiritual teacher who expresses the Divine Mother’s essence. 

Her 35+ years of training have encompassed metaphysics, yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, chakra balancing, crystal and magnetic healing. Using modalities developed from her training in Psychosomatic Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one of her strengths is to help you reprogram your subconscious, freeing you from destructive behaviour patters and reconnecting you to your Soul.

Powerful and loving, Marie is adept at gently leading you further into your source with sensitive therapy, bodywork or meditation.

Hermann Müller


Hermann's first insights into the benefits of providing a compassionate, supportive and loving environment began at the Basil Stafford Centre in Brisbane, which dealt with intellectually disabled adults and children.  

Inspired by this heart-focused approach to service to humanity, Hermann began pursuing personal spiritual growth and studies into esoteric sciences, eventually opening Harmony, Body and Mind Healing Centre in Canungra in 1989. From1993, He appeared on TV, radio and stages all over the world, sharing his knowledge and teachings on Psychosomatic Therapy, Body Language and topics of spiritual growth and metaphysics. 

He described his work as "Weaving the Body-Mind with Spirit... and tracing the silken threads, woven so delicately, to create the mosaic designs on the Fabric of Life."


Our beloved Hermann left this world in December 2017. We will always remember what he gave us all.

“Founded in the creation of Psychosomatic Therapy, I see my life’s work as a chrysalis with which my expression of love and compassion has been of service. It is your love, dedication and spirit that creates a metamorphosis for this work whereby we can reach beyond our physical forms in a continuum of co-creation.”

Hermann Müller

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