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Psychosomatic Training for Practitioners - Cert III

What is Psychosomatic Therapy? 

This is the process between the psyche (mind) and soma (the body) that we live in. Bodymind communication exists within us every moment of our life, inside us, and, our awareness of our reactions outside us. This results in behaviours and attitudes through a lifetime of experience and our interaction with others. The cellular memory created within the body, internally, affects the mental, emotional and physical structure of the body formation, as well as its actions and reactions externally.

How does it work?

The three keys to the Psychosomatic process are focus, balance and structure. These keys are the cornerstone of life! Each psychosomatic process technique creates an atmosphere of centring the mind and bringing balance in behaviour, which results in improved performance, self confidence and stability.

During the bodywork units, the redundant and restrictive patterns held in your body's tissue via cellular memory are released. By correcting posture, you can improve your body condition, physical shape and enhance more positive psychological attitudes.

Can I use it for personal growth?

Yes! Through this process, the relationship between the language of the BodyMind becomes revealed. This language 'speaks' through body chemistry and recognises no nationality or doctrine. The soul seeks only to awaken feelings of love, compassion and understanding within the human body, so helping you to experience a balanced, healthy life.

Can I use it professionally?

Yes! The NAT10821 Certificate III is the only Government Accredited Training of its kind. It is a flexible and practical curriculum for people who are interested in applying additional skills to an existing complimentary health practise or who desire to learn new skills toward a career in Psychosomatic Therapy. Even if you have had no prior health training experience, this course is an effective skill for anyone interested in wellness.

How is it delivered?

10 days face-to-face training, followed by 2 supervised clinic days (practising on live clients) plus 6 - 12 months distance learning of homework assignments.

Full Course Fee AU $4,995


+61 (0)7 5500 4768  or 0406 303 538

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