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Monthly Star Tribe Circles, Harmony Body & Mind Nerang

Star Tribe Circle

Realign your energy field through sonic prayer and star codes with Michaela Gooda/Singing Crow Astrology.

We gather monthly in Harmony Body and Mind's Golden Lotus Room to form a ceremonial circle and share in the star teachings of that particular lunar cycle. 

Circle includes:
* Elemental Guardianship
* Star Language Channelling
* Sonic Prayers & Meditation
* Ritual Smudging & Clearing
* Shamanic Drum Journey

10 am - 11.30 am on dates specified in What's On calendar of events.

$25 p/p (includes MP3 audio of astrological sharings emailed to you after event - copyright Mikailah Gooda) 

For more information or to book please contact Mikailah on 0415 131 125. 

A Star Witch & Shamanic practitioner, Mikailah's greatest life passion is celebrating the sensuality of nature through creative therapies, instinctual body wisdom and ancient star codes.

Her work speaks to the artist, the creative, the entrepreneur, the wayseer, visionary and non-conformist. She feels deeply called for our ravenous, passionate souls to hold the beauty and forge a sustainable pathway for the New Earth. A world where we belong, where we are cherished, loved and supported for our soul art and Being.

Mikailah has been offering these transpersonal experiences for over 15 years. In the form of 1:1 sessions or ceremonial gatherings, you are invited to realign your energy field through the embodiment of sonic prayer and star codes in the form of Star Spirit teachings.

With thanks to Louise Lodiskensky for the lovely image, created in 2017.

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