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The Stars are Within Me

The Stars are Within Me.

Victoria Webby uses The Oneness Code and sacred sound to help facilitate divine union with your Pleiadian family.

We have entered into a deeper heart expression, one that is assisting us to remember and recognise our Soul's loving, divine guidance. The Pleiadian Stargates are now ready to open wider, to assist us in a heart-felt remembrance, spinning our DNA into greater sound and light.


Through sacred sound we will experience this divine union of our Pleiadian family, through the 'heart of Sirius' we anchor our own voice, through the sounds of Vega and our expansive Universe we step beyond the beliefs of restriction and separation and flow into ONE.


"There is not one aspect of you that is not love. Everything in your deepest truth is loving expression - every song of the earth and sound of the stars. You pulse as one, you breathe as one, you exist as one. You, We, Us - are ALL ONE".


Sometimes, as our life unfolds, we tend to forget the simplicity of this wisdom, one that is so unique to each yet is the foundation of all life-force and the expression of our journey written in our sacred 'star and stone'. Only 'you' can remember your own truth, one that comes from deep within your heart.


Wherever you believe you come from, who you are or why you are here, just come and enjoy your own loving expression. This day may give you the opportunity to understand your 'whole self' a little bit more, open your heart a little bit wider and bring your beautiful mind into a deep place of clarity and peace.


Language of Heart Transmissions (Language of Light), sound, voice, meditation, channeling & rhythm. Joy and laughter involved!


DATE: July Saturday 14th

TIME: 9.50 am for 10 am start - 4 pm

PRICE: $55 p/p - Please text me for banking details or use Paypal :

CONTACT: 0438 165 297 E:

VENUE: Emerald Room, Harmony Body & Mind, Nerang

WHAT TO BRING: If you have a drum, rattle or instrument please bring it along. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel to lay on.

BYO: Please bring your own lunch (coffee/tea and snacks supplied).

Further information:

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