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Intro to Shamanic Journeying

Welcome to an Adventure: An Introduction into Shamanic Journeying with Terri Batten

This is a workshop for beginners and those people who want to deepen/expand their journeying skills.

- Shamanism is a practice of direct revelation which you will experience by receiving answers to your questions directly from your compassionate spirit helpers within your journeys. 


- Shamanism is the work of sacred activism and we will be participants in co-creating the new story/new dream for humankind and Earth with our most powerful tool (the journey).

- With the aid of a hand drum we will learn to journey to the lower, middle and upper worlds/realms meeting our power animals and spiritual teachers.

- We will also learn to journey to the nature spirits to obtain guidance and gifts for personal and planetary healing.


Terri is a registered Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher with

- Light food intake recommended. (Bring a light meal and, a plate of finger food to share).
- Bring your favourite water, and extra - (to charge & energise throughout the day).

DATE: 28 September 2019
TIME: 9 am - 5 pm 

PLACE:  Emerald Room, Harmony Body and Mind, Nerang.

PRICE:  $100

BOOKINGS: Terri Batten  0490 948 189,

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