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Shamanic Journeying at Harmony Body & Mind, Nerang Gold Coast.

Shamanic Journeying - Transfiguration.

Terri Batten leads you through the process of Transfiguration and Healing with Spiritual Light.


Learn different methods of shapeshifting into your divinity (Transfiguration) and also merging into becoming one with your spiritual teachers. These practices engage the power of the Mystery to heal and transmute (alchemy) illness into harmony.  


With the aid of a hand drum and the collective global sounds of "Ultimate Om", we will preform transfiguration, to become our radiant light/true nature, for healing ourselves, a client and the planet Earth.  


You will need excellent journey skills and a strong relationship with your spiritual teachers. Recommended reading: "Walking in Light" by Sandra Ingerman. 


Terri is a registered Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher with

- Light food intake recommended. (Please bring a light meal and, a plate of finger food to share).
- Bring your favourite water, and extra - (to charge & energise throughout the day).

DATE: 23 November 2019
TIME: 9 am - 5 pm 

PLACE:  Emerald Room, Harmony Body and Mind, Nerang.

PRICE:  $100

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BOOKINGS: Terri Batten  +61 (0)490 948 189

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