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Shamanic Journeying on the Gold Coast, Harmony Body & Mind Nerang

Shamanic Journeying - Medicine for the Earth.

Join Terri Batten and Bev Mercer as they create the Alchemy for a New Earth Story towards a Conscious Humankind thriving through our challenging times.


Shamanic cultures are telling us we are "dreaming the wrong dream" by believing we are separate from Nature/the Living Earth/the Living Universe and from the spiritual realms. 


We are not victims of our physical environment.  In this workshop, based on the seminal work of Sandra Ingerman, we will focus on healing our relationship with the living planet Earth, the elements and all living beings in/on Earth and beyond.


This work is highly experiential including drumming, time in nature, toning, dancing, journeying and concluding with an outside fire ceremony.  Using the Universal principals "so within, so without" and "as above, so below" we will learn to merge/shape-shift, into a state of oneness, balance and harmony with the elements of fire, water, earth air, the whole interconnected Living Earth Being and the Living Universe.  


Shamanic journey experience is required. Suggested reading: 'Medicine for the Earth", by Sandra Ingerman. 


Terri and Bev are registered Shamanic Teachers & Practitioners with

- Light food intake recommended. (Please bring a light meal and, a plate of finger food to share).
- Bring your favourite water, and extra - (to charge & energise throughout the day).

DATE: December 8 and 9
TIME: 9 am - 4 pm 


BOOKINGS: Terri Batten  +61 (0)490 948 189

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