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Gemini's Full Moon Meditation

Monday 17 June - The Festival of Goodwill or World Invocation Day


This final  one of the three major full moon festivals occurs every year at the full moon of Gemini.

The light generated at Wesak and concentrated upon Humanity is now fully released. The Christ, Master of Universal Love, presides over this dynamic outpouring. It brings an abundant tide of love for Humanity to use as goodwill in establishing rightful world conditions.


The day of this festival is called World Invocation Day, as it celebrates the collective aspiration of humanity to act in harmony with its highest spiritual goals. It is also known as the Festival of the Spirit of Humanity, the Festival of the Christ, and as the Festival of Unification.

This, and the last two major spiritual festivals we've celebrated at Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre, form a triangle of manifestation essential for humanity to give birth to all objectivity ~ whether a child, an idea, or any new structure. Aries is the birthplace of divine ideas where creative thought is launched before it takes form. Taurus represents desire whether emotional, aspirational, or the even higher desire toward the fulfillment of the Plan of God. Gemini stimulates the etheric form just before its appearance into physical form.

7 pm - Golden Lotus Room - $10

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