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Easter Full Moon Meditation

Focusing on Resurrection and Renewal, this is the first of three big full moon festivals.


The full moon is emerging as a universal time when the relationship between human and cosmos, earth and heaven moves into the centre of the awareness of people and communities across the globe. They form a peak in the annual flow of energies pouring into humanity during the yearly 12 (or, sometimes, 13) full moons. The three major spiritual festivals mark the highest point of intensity. 


The first is these important festivals is the Christian festival called Easter, which celebrates the Christos or Lightbearer. This will be marked by those of you who wish to join me on Thursday 18 April, and will focus on resurrection and renewal of the Self. The sun sign will be Aries and the Moon will be in Libra.

The second is the Buddhist festival, Wesak, while the third is the Festival of Goodwill. The universal spirit of these three festivals is clear when you consider the fact that the Christ and the Buddha are celebrated in Easter and Wesak as two great spiritual brothers, potent and living in the higher dimensions of soul and spirit, working in the closest cooperation for the uplift and transformation of consciousness.

Watch this space for information on the full moons of Taurus and Gemini!

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