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First Breath with Georgia Hovey

First Breath, with Georgia Hovey.

It is my pleasure to introduce Georgia Hovey, an internationally renowned leader, gifted teacher, and a (USA) Certified Rebirther Trainer and practitioner of her craft.

She brings a wealth of wisdom and understanding of the psychology of human relationships to her trainings and client sessions. Understanding my birth story, with Georgia's help, has set me free. 

"Georgia accurately nailed my birth script in the first Rebirthing Training I did. I am acutely aware, with the work I do, how much cellular memory is passed on in the genealogical lineages, womb and early childhood. However, the area Rebirthing focuses on is the birth process itself, referred to as your 'birth script.'

The value of bringing further awareness from my unconscious to my conscious has been freeing beyond imagining. And the continued process which unfolded over the following 9 months helped deliver the enlightened state I now have regarding this pattern, which has specifically altered my nervous system.

The breath work I learned took me out of my head and liberated the constraints of the lower mind's ego. The entire experience I found to be supportive and empowering. I am now more calm and relaxed."


In this transformative weekend you will be immersed in Rebirthing Breathwork. 

Over three-and-a-half-days, you will learn to use your breath to access the subconscious realm, and uncover unconscious memories - all the way back to your birth. This will give you the opportunity to reset your existing patterns and uncover a fresh new beginning ... in essence, it's an opportunity to rejuvenate and celebrate a whole new life!


21 - 24 March, 2019 (Thursday evening 6 pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all day.)

During this time you will:

- experience 3 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
- explore pre- and peri-natal psychology
- learn about the impact of birth and childhood trauma
- learn about negative core beliefs and how they affect your life

$300 USD DEPOSIT* to register
REVIEWERS: $350 USD $200 to register

*Deposit due by February 10 and is non-refundable/non-transferable. All funds are to be paid in USD. A logistics letter as to how to do this will be supplied upon registration.


March 18 - 19 and March 26 - April 3, 2019

Everything begins at the first breath. Private sessions with Georgia are available for a limited time during her visit to Australia. The process of working through your birth script can bring about changes in several areas:
- The physical body - aches, pains, contraction
- The emotional body - deep suppressed or repressed feelings
- The mental body - reprogramming beliefs, decisions (or lack of) and conditioning
- The spiritual body - restore connection with the self/soul & universal energy

$220 AU per session

Book me in
Business, Breath & You.


Our world is changing. This is the time of chaos, creativity and possibility as the old ways crumble. This is being experienced through the way we work and how we embrace our connection to others.

Business, Birth & You - is the next level of Rebirthing Training - a 2 day transformative immersion to assist leaders and aspiring leaders work in the changing world. In this weekend we will explore how your unconscious birth 'script' effects your ability to succeed in the business world.

6 + 7 April, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday, all day.)

During this time you will:
- experience 2 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
- explore how your birth script affects your business intentions
- come to understand your relationship with money
- understand how that is reflected in your ability to create abundance

Attendance at 'First Breath: An Introduction to Rebirthing', or to have had at least one private rebirth session with Georgia before this training.


$200 USD DEPOSIT* to register

*Deposit due by February 20 and is non-refundable/non-transferable. All funds are to be paid in USD. A logistics letter as to how to do this will be supplied upon registration.




Georgia holds her Masters in Education and is trained in yogic breathing techniques for the purpose of greater awareness and life force - she holds a beautiful blend of traditional and alternative expertise.

For many year,s Georgia was head organizer for the Loving Relationship Training (LRT). She is an (LRT) Certified Rebirther Trainer. She is trained in using a yogic breathing technique (pranayama) to free tension physically, emotionally and mentally, with the result of enhancing our aliveness. This form of breathing opens a path to the unconscious mind and facilitates the releasing of stressful memories buried as far back as a persons birth. The (pranayama) experience leads to a "re-birthing" of awareness and expansion of consciousness. Georgia has worked in the personal growth field for over 45 years. She has counseled thousands of clients and led workshops all over the world, training others to use the breath-work technique with their clients. She has a wealth of


wisdom and understanding of the psychology of human relationships. Her passion is to support others to understand how conclusions made at birth create patterns that lead to how we experience life. This awareness empowers us to make vast positive changes in the way we perceive life and opens us to more love and greater connection with Divine Source. Georgia's deep intuition accompanied by her light humor, encourages and supports the healing process.

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