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Leadership Potential Training

An intensive and transformative leadership program blending personal growth and breath work rebirthing.

This experiential program can be used for deepening your own personal process or to begin an occupation as a breath-work practitioner, if you desire. 


The way in which we were born including the circumstances surrounding our first breath has a total impact on how we “come out” into the world as a leader. We don’t feel safe. We over-compensate by “fearing forward” or we experience so much difficulty with our presentation that we lose our audience (because) we have “left” our body! Others don't stay present with us because there is "no one home”.


Releasing the “charge” on the negative conclusions from birth opens us to our true potential. We create a new relationship with the world. Every aspect of our life is affected. We reconnect with source energy at a deeper level and replenish ourselves. We “lighten-up” and “open-up” to our Divine potential.

Join Georgia Hovey and Kerry Henwood from 20 to 29 April at The Golden Lotus Room, Harmony Body and Mind in Nerang, Gold Coast.

For price and further info, contact Kerry or Georgia today.

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