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As Hermann was fond of saying, “Everything I need to know about myself or another is written in the face. It fascinates me to look at someone and realise that all I choose to know is facing me like an open book, willing to be read. Since I have learned to read faces, my life and understanding of others has changed dramatically. I am at home with myself and other people feel at home with me.”


Hermann was certain the knowledge contained in this book would improve your quality of life. At the very least, it's a fascinating way to achieve better communication.

Face to Face with Facts

  • Face to Face with Facts  

    Understanding Personality Potential

    by Hermann Müller


    Using famous personalities as examples, discover how to interpret faces and improve your understanding of those around you.


    This book encapsulates the knowledge of internationally-renowned Face Reader and Psychosomatic Therapist, Hermann Müller. Decades of both offering insights through reading a subjects fact and teaching others the art of doing it for themselves have culminated in this extraordinary book.


    Use it

    - to gain insight into yourself,

    - as a guide while taking part in one of the Psychosomatic Therapy College's courses,

    - to enhance your skills during your working life (ideal for a greater understanding of people you're considering hiring, or whom you manage in your daily job, for example), or

    - just read it because you're interested!


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