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Apple Lossless versions of two of Hermann Müller's inspiring meditations, each is specifically designed for enhancing self-awareness, compassion and love. The induced relaxation creates the mood for the subconscious to absorb the teachings.


Track 1 - Courage
Courage is the power within us that keeps us moving forward. It is the power of the Soul that rages through us. When we work with it, we have co-rage. When we obstruct this power, we feel en-raged. Let us now learn to work with it in a healthy way.


Track 2 - Union With Your Inner Essence  
In those silent moments of your breath, listen to the divine love of your Soul. It is with us every moment of our life; we are the ones that choose to be aware of it or not. Let us take this opportunity to absorb that energy into our life and make a difference with our Love.

An experienced spiritual esoteric teacher and therapist, Hermann devised these meditations for personal and planetary healing service. His gentle voice is accompanied by sublime music, composed and recorded by multi-award winning composer Ray Oliver, to enhance the overall process.


You can find two more meditations created by Hermann Müller here.

Inspirations for the Millenium 2 - M4A

  • The fulfilling of the Soul’s purpose is achieved by going within.


    Experience inspired guidance and relaxation music, full of love and warmth, as Hermann Müller assists you to go within. His many years of experience and his Indian origin have created a contemporary mix full of love and warmth. "I let my Higher Self guide me". 

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