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Two wonderful mediations designed to assist you to bring yourself back home to your Self. Marie Müller's  exploration of the universal archetypes, Mother Mary and the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail, takes us on a meditative and healing journey. As in sacred quests of old, where heroes and heroines sought to return home after long adventures which separated them from land and love, Marie gently leads you into the heart of the powerful, loving being that you really are.


Track 1 - Divine Mother Meditation 

Invoke and invite the Universal Mother’s love within your being. Marie’s melodious voice combines beautifully with tranquil music. Tension melts away as you  merge with the warmth of your sacred heart.  (42.45)


Track 2 - The Holy Grail   

This guided meditation takes you on a healing journey to wholeness. Marie's gentle voice helps you create a safe place to powerfully cleanse and release past limiting beliefs. Drink the elixir of life and become one with your soul.  (21.49)


The music accompanying Marie is composed and recorded by multi-award winning composer Ray Oliver, recognised for his inspired relaxation music. Thanks to Pamela Matthews, Grail Visionary Art, for her inspired painting, "Mary".

Sacred Mother Meditations - MP3s

  • by Marie Müller


    This beautiful meditation focuses on the Divine Mother, inspiring us with her message of love, compassion and understanding towards ourselves and others.


    Let the Sacred Mother lovingly take your hand and returns you home to wholeness. Allow her presence to fill you with her reassurance of her confidence in your ability to overcome your challenges.

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