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Womb Heart Retreat at Harmony Body & Mind, Nerang.

Womb-Heart Retreat

Join Marie Müller & Denise Ball on an organic quest to awaken, unveil, heal and connect to the ancient wisdom of your womb-heart!

Your womb-heart is a physical and esoteric reservoir where hidden stories, memories and energetic impressions reside. Due to life experiences, we can often become blocked, shut down and stuck within our womb-heart.


This retreat-style offering is designed to bring higher awareness to your body and unresolved issues resting dormant deep within you. The truth will set you free! 


This will be an immersive experience designed to deeply help you with:

- Healing pain, disconnect and desensitisation
- Reestablishing life force (prana)
- Reconnecting to forgotten wisdom
- How to radiate and magnetise love
- Reclaiming your personal power 
- Reaping opportunity, creative purpose and much more! 


There will be plenty of useful methodology too: 
- Womb self-massage 
- Connected breathwork
- Pelvic-release postures
- Psoas stretching & trauma release work
- Womb mapping / Art therapy 
- Guided meditations

With thanks to Macy Dickerson for the use of her painting, “Divine Feminine”.



Practical details

Dates: 30th, 31st August & 1st September 2019

Investment (includes shared accommodation in twin room, 3 meals daily):

Early bird - $680 (paid in full by 19 July 2019)
Full Price - $860 


Phone +61 7 55783811 



Marie Müller, principle Harmony Body & Mind, Nerang, Gold Coast.

Your Leaders and Guides:

Marie Müller is a Teacher & practitioner of Remedial, Deep Tissue massage and Psychosomatic Therapy for over 35 years. Through her experiences of sacredness and remembrance of Source connection, Marie has traveled to power centers and sacred sites around the globe. She is known as an intuitive spiritual teacher who expresses the Divine Mother’s essence and Heart energy.
​Her 35+ years of training have encompassed metaphysics, yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, chakra balancing, crystal and magnetic healing. Using modalities developed from her training in Psychosomatic Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one of her strengths is to help you reprogram your subconscious, freeing you from destructive behaviour patterns and establish your relationship with your Soul. 

Denise Ball is a practitioner of Mizan therapy helping women by using traditional reproductive healing techniques to restore balance to the womb and wellbeing. She is a remedial, deep tissue massage, Tantra teacher and is a registered social worker in New Zealand and Australia. Denise leads women through practices to connect with the womb- heart though temple practices including womb massage, yoni steam, breathing techniques, and how to embody more of your feminine power.

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